Licorice Regular Sticks


Discover the many flavors and natural goodness of our Licorice Regular Sticks, which are carefully sourced from the clean places in Southern Europe and Asia. These sticks have a strong, deep brown color and a perfectly smooth texture. They taste like licorice, which is sweet and slightly bitter, with subtle notes of anise and fennel. Our Licorice Regular Sticks take you to a world where tradition and innovation meet. Each one has its own unique taste and healing properties. Unlock the many health benefits locked inside each stick, such as soothing sore throats and coughs, improving gut health, and making your immune system stronger. Licorice Regular Sticks allow you to be creative in the kitchen. They add a comforting charm to teas, a sweet touch to sweets, and a savory twist to savory foods. With our specially made Licorice Regular Sticks, you can enjoy a trip of culinary creativity mixed with holistic health, from soothing teas to tempting sweets.


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