Licorice Roots Premium Finger Quality


Our Licorice Roots Premium Finger Quality comes from the most fertile areas of Southern Europe and Asia, so you can enjoy their high quality. These high-quality licorice roots were chosen because they are all the same and have a strong, natural taste. With a deep brown exterior and a fibrous beige inner that looks like a thin finger, each root has a strong mix of sweetness and mild bitterness, along with pleasant notes of anise and fennel.  The Premium Finger Quality Licorice Roots are great for both cooking and medicine. You can make tasty teas, better baked goods, or soothing herbal medicines with these roots. These licorice roots are good for you and can help with stomach problems, reduce swelling, and boost your immune system. Our Licorice Roots Premium Finger Quality will take your cooking and health practices to the next level with its great taste and healing qualities.


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