Licorice Handpick Quality


Licorice Handpick Quality, which is also called Liquorice Roots, Liquiritiae Radix, and Regaliz, comes from Asia and southern Europe. It is carefully picked to make sure it is of the highest quality. Each batch has small, wrinkled, brownish-black licorice root pieces that smell great, with notes of anise and fennel mixed in with the sweetness and bitterness. When cut open, the yellow, fibrous insides are revealed. Licorice Handpick Quality from our flexible collection adds sophistication and depth of flavor to a wide range of foods and drinks. There are no limits to what it can be used for: improving tea infusions, sweets, or taste profiles. In addition to its tasty taste, Licorice Handpick Quality has many health benefits, such as lowering fevers and headaches and making you less stressed. This makes it a popular addition to both food pantries and holistic wellness routines.


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