Masala Products

Introducing the Masala Group, a wide range of premium spice mixes designed to make your food taste better. Our Roasted Gram 225 GM Pack is a tasty and healthy snack that you can eat at any time of the day. The 130 GM Madi Masala Powder has a strong mix of spices that are great for making traditional meals. Arabian Kabsa Masala, which comes in 130 GM, has a real Middle Eastern taste and goes well with rice and meat. Burhani Rice Masala, which comes in 130 GM, gives your rice meals a unique flavor. Shish Taouk Masala, in 130 GM, is made to make grilled chicken in your home taste like it does in the Middle East. The HMasala Group has aromatized spice mixes like Meat Masala Powder and Fish Masala Powder, both 130 GM, that can be used in a range of cooking situations.