Himalaya Pink Salt Products

The Himalaya Pink Salt Group is a high-end collection of goods that are made to improve your cooking with the natural benefits of Himalayan pink salt. Our Roasted Gram 225 GM Pack has the healthy crunch of roasted gram and the mild saltiness of Himalayan pink salt. It’s a great snack or ingredient for many recipes. Himalaya Pink Salt 1 GM and Himalaya Pink Coarse Salt 1 GM are great for precise dressing because they have a great taste and give your recipes the minerals they need. For bigger amounts, the Himalaya Pink Salt Standing POUCH 400 GM and the Himalaya Pink Coarse Salt Pouch 400 GM are easy to use and can be sealed again and again to keep the salt fresh. Our Himalaya Pink Salt Group is great for any home because it has natural flavors and is good for you.

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