PK 86 Basmati Rice ( Parboiled )



Enjoy the culinary greatness of PK 86 Basmati Rice (Parboiled), a premium choice known for its top-notch quality and delicious taste. This parboiled basmati rice comes from the fertile lands of Punjab. It goes through a special process that cooks the grains partly while they are still in their husk, which keeps their natural flavors and nutrients. This new method makes rice that is fluffy, smells great, and separates perfectly when it’s done, which makes it great for many recipes. PK 86 Basmati Rice is full of important nutrients like vitamins, fiber, and starches, which give you long-lasting energy and keep your digestive system healthy. This basmati rice makes any meal better with its great taste and texture, whether it’s served as a side dish, with savory stews, or in biryanis. PK 86 Basmati Rice is the best quality and can be used in a lot of different ways.


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